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The Softball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan

You don’t have to be sick to get better!

Mental Skills Training = Performance Enhancement and Personal Growth


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Leadership Training for Softball


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"Coach Traub, I love your stuff!! Off the charts great!! I played MLB for 16 years and coached 10 yrs in MLB as well. If I had your stuff when I was playing, I would have been fwice the player." -Dave Collins

"Coach Traub has a great understanding about how to communicate with young athletes in terms that work for them. He helped our players overcome some ‘mental bad habits’ that were hindering their ability to play at their best. I also think he instilled some life lessons that will help them be successful in anything they do in the future." -Coach Hedrick, University of Texas - Arlington

"Coach Traub’s mental skills training gives athletes an edge over their competition." -Heath Autrey