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This manual provides coaches with the tools to master the mental side of the game for themselves and their players. It includes a collection of exercises designed to improve awareness and help you solidify your coaching philosophy. It also has off-field training you can do with your team, plus a Parent Pledge. Perhaps most importantly, it includes the five worksheets of Coach Traub's Positive Coaching Certification Program along with the “answer” key.Coaching Manual Mockup Softball

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You can purchase this e-workbook separately for $24.95, but we suggest you get maximum value with:

The Softball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan


“As usual, you over-delivered value, Coach Traub. What you offer is a great benefit to the kids. Thanks."

"The girls actually went out and fell into a 5-0 hole and we continued to preach focus and positive attitude. They battled back and ended up undefeated in the tournament. They must have listened to your stuff a little more than I thought because I heard alot about good body language and positive thinking. These kids suprise me all the time."