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Parenting in Athletics CD in Quantity

Use this "product" to order 100 or more copies of the CDs. The price is only $5/CD + S&H! You will also receive it electronically and will have permission to share it with the number of people that equals the number of CDs you order.

Here are details about the content in this product:

Track 1 - "During the game" (11:16)

  • How parents can promote a healthy perspective on competition
  • Why "Competing with..." is so much better than "Competing against..." (from True Competition by Shileds and Bredemeier)
  • Appropriate roles
  • Be the face your child needs to see
  • Releasing your child to the team
  • When the parent is also the coach

"Let’s teach our kids to have a healthy perspective on sports and on life so they will enjoy, persist, and work together well…and perform better, especially under pressure, too. What follows are some concrete strategies to achieve this healthy way of looking at sports, starting right in the middle of the things with how parents want to behave during the game."

Track 2 - "After the game" (9:57)

  • Most common kid complaints about their sports parents
  • Teaching life lessons without interfering with or overly focusing on the process of winning on the scorebard
  • Teaching a growth mindset (summarizing Dr. Carol Dweck's research and writing)
  • The importance of curiosity and initiative
  • Improving your child's ability to be engrossed in the present moment

Track 3 - "Warning: Helicopter Parent Behaviors" (6:39)

  • 12 Red Flags for Parents
  • Example / Story
  • What if the coach is making a mistake

"The poor parenting behaviors that make me the most sad are those that make it nearly impossible for the child to relax and focus during games."

Track 4 - "Ideas to Impress Your Spouse" (11:17)

  • T.E.A.M.work
  • Leadership / Setting the example
  • Lessons from Dr. Bloom’s Developing Talent in Young People
  • Awareness
  • Genetically shared strengths and challenges
  • Gathering
  • Success Factor: The Parents

Track 5 - "Teaching Life Lessons" (11:03)

  • An Age of Entitlement - Causes, Symptoms, and the Cure
  • Initiative
  • Quality Practice and Grit
  • How We Learn and The Talent Code: Struggle is fantastic
  • Variability of Practice, Interleaving, and more training strategies
  • The Truth About You

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