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Coach Traub's critically acclaimed book uses information from most of the greatest mental game baseball and non-baseball books ever written. He then combines this information with lessons gleaned from his 13 years coaching college baseball and 10 years as a mental skills coach. His organization of the material into an in-depth yet easy-to-read book "is a gift to athletes and coaches alike." (Aileen Morales, Radford University Head Softball Coach). The added motivational quotes and practical Leadership Training for Softball Mockupexercises, along with the baseball specificity throughout make this "the book every professional and aspiring professional baseball player - even non-readers - should read." 

Leaders have clarity of vision, lead by example, connect with empathy, and take action to make their teammates better. They have thinking patterns that we can study and imitate. This book provides details and distinctions on what athletes already know so that they can more quickly get what they want from baseball. Coach Traub's primary sources (mentors) are John Wooden, Harvey Dorfman, and Tony Robbins.


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The Softball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan


"Leaders make their teammates better, and that's exactly what anyone who applies the information in this book will do." Kevin Shelton, Dallas Charge GM

"I was blown away! This book couldn't apply more to my current situation." Katie Repole, DI Player

"In-depth and sophisticated while remaining easy to read and use." -Mike Candrea, Arizona Head Coach and 8X National Champion