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A library of short audio lessons for today's most competitive athletes.

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Coach Traub's Elite Athlete Audios share the mental strategies of the greatest athletes in the world with you! You can listen to these in order or pick out your favorite topic. EAA1 9 Softball Mockup SMALLERMany players have a favorite track they listen to as part of their pre-game routine. Let Coach Traub help you put the pieces of the performance puzzle together. His presentation of this material will help you figure out how to convert counter-productive patterns of thinking into self-coaching that maximizes your enjoyment, growth, and performance.

1) Mental Toughness
2) Success
3) Confidence
4) Attitude
5) Focus
6) Courage
7) Leadership
8) Perspective
9) Gratitude

You can purchase Elite Athlete Audios #1-9 separately for $20, but we suggest you get it within:

The Softball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan


"Winners have it, everyone else wants it… Coach Traub and his Mental Game Plan will lead you in the direction of becoming a champion both on and off the field." -Mike Smith, Ole Miss Head Softball Coach

"You spoke to my team last weekend. I enjoyed listening to you and knowing how to control my mind and how to always go around obstacles instead of quitting. Your speech taught me a lot about myself that I never knew. You made me open up my mind and release the stress and be more calm and open. Thank you." -Hannah, Age 14