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Imagery is powerful. It has been known to cure “terminal” cancer and it is used systematically by professionals in every sport. It can help you learn new skills, rehearse strategy and techniques, gain confidence, commit to your plan, or communicate effectively from mind to muscle. It is also always available to you.

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The mind does not differentiate between an actual experience and a vividly imagined one, but that level of impact and vividness comes only from skill, which comes from practice. In this CD, Coach Traub guides the athlete through progressive relaxation, use of power phrases, and detailed imagery. The athlete will probably want to lie down and close his eyes for the relaxation and guided imagery training. The imagery script includes many concrete examples of how to apply mentally tough thinking patterns in common on-field situations.

1) Opening
2) Progressive Relaxation
3) Hitter's Power Phrases
4) Pre-Game Imagery
5) In-Game Imagery
6) Hitting Notes
7) The Truth

You can purchase Relaxation and Imagery Script for a Hitter separately for $24.95, but we suggest you get maximum value with:

The Softball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan

"Thank you for your tips on hitting! I got up to the plate today and I was relaxed and calm. I am a lot more confident!"

"I truly believe that the mental to physical equation is 4 to 1. I have four state championship rings to help prove it. We do a LOT of imagery training. I love your delivery and I use your nuggets of wisdom all the time in the great state of Arkansas!!!" -Debbie Clark