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Imagery is a skill and skills improve with practice. This program will help you tap into your personal power by guiding you in Progressive Relaxation and the detailed practice of imagery. Professional athletes use imagery systematically before, during, and after competition. Do you? Get confident in your use of imagery by investing some time into training. The great news is that while you practice imagery, Coach Traub script will also help you apply many specific lessons from the Elite Athlete Audios.

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The pitching notes on this CD are a bonus. You get the core components of winning the mental side of the game that are specific to pitching. You hold the ball. Don't make the avoidable and predictable mistakes that normal pitchers make. Instead, take control and throw the ball aggressively through the target!

1) Opening (3:52)
2) Progressive Relaxation (14:38)
3) Pitcher's Power Phrases (6:23)
4) Pre-Game Imagery (13:18)
5) In-Game Imagery (18:51)
6) Pitching Notes (4:17)
7) The Truth (4:11)

You can purchase Relaxation and Imagery Script for a Pitcher separately for $25.00, but we suggest you get maximum value with:

The Softball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan

 “The way Coach Traub teaches imagery is exactly how I used to practice it. Evidently, this doesn't come naturally to everyone.” -Lisa Hough, Coach and former TX A&M pitcher