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Crisp. Convenient. Inspirational.

A library of short audio lessons for today's most competitive athletes.

Bolster your mental skills with detailed lessons about these critical mental skills and strategies. Coach Traub doesn't teach rocket science, but these conversational audios might blow you away with common sense strategies to help you look at simple truths in new, more useful ways. Then, use the tools provided to consistently be the best version of yourself on the diamond.

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10) Awareness
11) Consistency
12) Ideal State
13) Routines
14) Gathering
15) Poise
16) "Bad" words
17) "Act as if..."
18) Overcoming Obstacles

You can purchase Elite Athlete Audios #10-18 separately for $20, but we suggest you get maximum value with:

The Softball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan

"I was skeptical that they would even stay awake, but the girls actually enjoyed your training. I've seen them using specific strategies that you taught them. Thank you!"

"I was very glad to hear that I was using the same kind of thinking as you."