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Your Guide to Developing Talent


Parenting is perhaps the toughest job in the world. You are supposed to be biased. You are supposed to care. You are supposed to support and help the process, but not interfere with learning or team chemistry. You will always be a huge part of any team’s culture, but if you are unable to release your child to the team, you may mean well, but have a negative effect. These lessons are designed to help your team mold a positive culture that maximizes the potential in each athlete.

  • During the Game (11:18)
  • After the Game (10:06)
  • Warning: Helicopter Parent Behaviors (6:46)
  • Ideas to Impress Your Spouse (11:17)
  • Strategies for Teaching Life Lessons (11:26)

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The Softball Champion's Complete Mental Game Plan

Here is the first half of track one from this Parenting CD:

"Every sports parent would benefit from listening to your Parenting in Athletics audios. That is as good as it gets!!! This will solve a lot of coaching problems." Dave Collins (MLB player 1975-1990 and coach since then)

"I've always considered to the most significant problem in youth sports to be parents. After having a child play in various sports for several years now, I can fully attest to this phenomenon. Although I consider myself reasonably well-prepared to handle parenting my child through youth sports, the information Coach Weintraub provides is extremely beneficial. Any parent of a child in athletics could benefit from listening to this well crafted material." Jeremy Farber, former Head Coach, St. Edward's University Baseball

"Our girls really like Coach Traub and we definitely benefit from working with him. He makes it easier for the girls to just do their job to the best of their ability. I like his no excuses style and his ability to get right to the point." Debbie Hedrick, former Head Coach, UTA Softball


Coach Traub is a disciple of the late, great Harvey Dorfman. Harvey wrote The Mental Game of Baseball and worked with many of the greatest baseball players in MLB in the '90s and '00s. Harvey's question, upon hearing the situation, was always, "Well, what are you going to do about it?" That is your question now. You know the mental game is a difference maker. If you are ready to invest in mental toughness and leadership training, click here:

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